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The Frio Lodges of Dilley, Texas: Designed Specifically to Fit the Needs of Oil & Gas Field Workers

Working on the Eagle Ford Oil Plate is no easy task. It requires an impressive dedication to the task, as well as weeks to months at a time away from home. That is why it is important for oil and gas employers and project managers to find the right lodging options for their employees within their budget but without having to sacrifice quality.

Why Choose the Frio Lodges of Dilley, Texas for Your Workforce Lodging Needs?

The Frio Lodges were designed to meet any and all needs that your oil or gas field workers might have during their stay. Whether you need lodging for three or 30 employees, the Frio Lodges have a variety of housing options with a number of amenities to keep your team from getting burned out or homesick during their stay. Some of the most popular amenities include a gaming room with ping pong and pool tables, a full exercise gym, and a lounge room for general relaxation.

Let Your Team Feel Completely At Home in the Frio Lodges of Dilley

With free wireless Internet throughout the building, full laundry service, and a central location to worksites and local events, your team will have plenty to keep their spirits up and keep them busy during their off hours.


Type: Lodge
Address: 701 W. Leona, Dilley TX 78017

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